Neddy's Law Sanctuary

Neddy's Law Sanctuary

Keeping our animals safe.

We work tirelessly to protect those who can’t fend for themselves.


Because we believe every living sentient being has the same rights of existing on this Earth, just as much as you or me.

What do we do?

We focus our efforts in attending rescues of injured, orphaned or unwanted animals and take them to the vets for assessment, provide them with safe rehabilitation facilities, feed the babies with proper formula, feed the grown ups with proper food and fresh water and administer medicine under veterinary guidance.

At Neddy’s Law sanctuary, all animals are given the Love and Care that is required to bring them back to full health.

There are numerous fund raisers held throughout the year, to provide funds for the medical, food and transportation costs. We also accept one-off, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly donations.

If you would like to make a donation, please go to the donation page (soon to be ready) and find all the donation transfer options.

Neddy’s law Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation under Australian law.


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